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Our overall aim is to maintain a positive outlook on our children’s behaviour, as individuals, as groups and as a whole school. It provides for a practical expression of the Gospel values of caring and sharing that infuse the whole ethos of our school. 
“Love one another as I have loved you.” (John 15:12) 

Emphasis is placed upon recognising, congratulating and rewarding good behaviour and showing that bad behaviour is unacceptable. 

Encouraging good behaviour 

Together, we encourage good behaviour by setting a good example to the children ourselves, at home and in school, so that the children will also behave well and exemplify acceptable behaviour themselves, 

by teaching, in assemblies and in class, what behaviours we expect of them and by having high expectations of the children. 

We want our children to: 
  • show respect to everyone, older and younger alike
  • be obedient to those who have care of them,
  • be sensible and responsible

Sanctions for bad behaviour 
  • Talk with the teacher
  • Talk with the Deputy headteacher
  • Talk with the Headteacher
  • Loss of privileges (eg playtime,) ~ standing with teacher on play-ground duty
  • Informing parents by 1st letter
  • Informing parents by 2nd (and subsequent letters) to arrange parental interview to discuss ways forward.
  • Suspension/Exclusion

Suspension/Exclusion is a last resort for persistent serious breaches of disci-pline but may be used in extreme cases (eg of vio-lence, of other anti-social behaviour).