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School improvement plan


St Aelred’s has a clear ethos and sense of purpose based on Christian values explicit in our Mission Statement. Governors, staff, parents and pupils share these values and sense of purpose. They are reflected in the overall management of the school, its standards of achievement, behaviour and relationships. As a community of faith, the school particularly promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils.

The purpose of the School Improvement Plan is to secure the best education we can afford to pupils. Therefore, we value the commitment and accountability of all staff in achieving this aim. The School Improvement Plan’s main priorities are to: 
  • Secure improvement in pupils’ achievement as the main focus
  • Further develop systematic monitoring strategies and evaluation criteria
  • Identify challenging targets and improve outcomes for pupils


Distinct Catholic Ethos and Life of the school 
  • Fully implement the ‘Come and See’ programme into our RE lessons
  • Embed RE tracking into our school assessment data system
  • Enhance the spiritual life of the school by holding weekly collective liturgies

Learning and Progress - Interventions 
  • Fully embed a whole school intervention system designed to raise attainment.
  • Pre and post intervention data to be scrutinised to show impact

Learning and Progress - Pupil Premium (PP) 
  • Identify PP children who are making below expected progress
  • Place them in carefully monitored interventions to ‘close the gap’ Develop and Improve Literacy and Numeracy
  • To look for opportunities to develop literacy and numeracy skills across the whole school curriculum

New Curriculum 

  • To implement the new curriculum to create an exciting and enriched curriculum


Attendance Systems 

  • To develop procedures to improve attendance
  • To involve parents in encouraging good attendance

Parental and Community Support 
  • To secure support from parents and the community as a crucial part of the school’s success
  • To continue to develop the partnership with other schools/organisations including All Saints’

Behaviour and wellbeing 

  • To be clear about our expectations and resolve to consistently apply the behaviour code


Targets for Attainment at the End of Key Stage 

  • We will continue to aspire to achieve standards of attainment that are equivalent to the top 25% of similar schools (Type D Fischer Family Trust).
  • We will support all pupils to reach their potential.
  • We will set individual targets for all pupils to enable them to achieve their potential
  • More able pupils, requiring additional challenge, will be catered for through differentiated activities and opportunities.

SEN and Inclusion 
  • We want to ensure that St. Aelred’s is an inclusive school.
  • We will track pupils carefully to ensure that they achieve their potential. Pupils who are vulnerable to not achieving their targets will receive additional support.
  • We will put in place personalised learning and intervention programmes for those requiring additional support.