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Who's who

Staff at St Aelred’s RC Primary School  


Ms Suzanne Ulyett 


Deputy Headteacher 

Mrs Debbie Feehan


Senior Leaders

Mrs H. Fowler-Towse 

Mrs S Klays 

Mrs S Williams 



Mr S Hill


Teaching Staff

Mrs S Williams – Year 6

Mr S Hill - Year 5

Miss H Turner – Year 4

Mrs H. Fowler-Towse & Mrs R. Whincup – Year 3

Mrs Y. Petruso – Year 2

Mrs Feehan - Year 1

Mrs S. Klays & Mrs Mackenzie – EYFS (Reception and Nursery) 


Teaching Assistants

Mrs M Bartram 

Ms S Rhodes

Mrs J. Ballantyne

Mrs M. Laverack

Miss T. Scott 

Mrs C. Cawood 

Mrs P. Konefal 

Mrs  E. Kelly 

Mrs  K. Hawkridge 

Mrs  A. Curry

Mrs A Fawdington - HLTA

Mrs T Pownell

Miss M Stead

Mrs I Goslawska

Ms K Cooper

Miss S Gladstone





Office Administrator/Finance

Mrs J Dealtry


School Business Manager

Sam Willsden CYC


Out of School Club:

Breakfast Club Leader

Mrs M Laverack

After-School Club Leader

Mrs C Caywood

Mr Booth


Caretaker and Cleaning Staff

Mr T. Whitwell

Mrs P Collingbourne

Ms M Rzoda

Mr W Gorst


Midday Supervisory Assistants

Mrs  M. Laverack

Mrs   J. Ballantyne

Mrs  C. Cawood

Mrs  K. Hawkridge

Miss  T. Scott

Mrs B. Shaw

Miss K Pratt

Miss M Stead

Mrs I Goslawska

Ms K Cooper