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Who's who

Staff at St Aelred’s RC Primary School  
Ms Suzanne Ulyett 
Deputy Headteacher 
Mrs Debbie Feehan
Senior Leaders
Mrs H. Fowler-Towse  TLR Pupil Premium Champion  
Mrs S. Klays TLR Early Years and Behaviour
Mrs S. Williams TLR Maths 


Mr S Hill


Teaching Staff

Mrs S. Williams – Year 6
Mr S Hill - Year 5
Miss H Turner – Year 4
Mrs H. Fowler-Towse and Mrs R. Wincup – Year 3
Mrs Y. Petruso – Year 2
Miss C. Black - Year 1
Mrs S. Klays – EYFS
Teaching Assistants

Mrs J. Ballantyne - Year 6

Mrs M. Laverack - Year 5

Miss T. Scott - Year 4

Mrs C. Cawood - Year 3

Mrs P. Konefal - Year 2

Mrs  E. Kelly - Year 2/PPA Cover
Mrs  K. Hawkridge - Year 1  

Mrs  M.  Bartram - Foundation Stage

Mr T Bartram - Foundation Stage/Y6

Mrs  A. Curry - Foundation Stage PPA Cover
Mrs S. Rhodes - Foundation Stage

Mrs Angela Fawdington - Foundation Stage/KS2

Mrs Lynn Bingham - Foundation Stage

Mrs Tina Pownall -  Foundation Stage

Miss Michaela Stead - Foundation Stage/Y6

Office Administrator

Mrs T Andrew


School Business Manager

Fiona Derbyshire 


Caretaker and Cleaning Staff
Mr T. Whitwell
Mrs P Collingbourne

Ms Magda Rzoda


Midday Supervisors
Mrs  M. Laverack
Mrs   J. Ballantyne
Mrs  C. Cawood
Mrs  K. Hawkridge
Miss  T. Scott
Mrs B. Shaw

Miss C Pratt

Volunteer Helperssmiley


Mrs Pauline Haigh

Mrs Catherine Cole

Mrs Anne Pitman

Miss Catherine McGlinchey

Mrs Anne Lawrence

Mr Bill Sheils

Mrs Sarah Sheils

Mr Tony Questa

Mr Bob Graves

Mr John Reddick

Mrs Kath Duckworth