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Good attendance is key for pupils to feel settled at school and a sense of belonging; to make good progress; and to maintain and develop friendships.  See the chart below to see what constitutes good attendance.


Parents and carers should ensure that children arrive on time for school.  This means that children have a calm start to the day and the school day starts smoothly for pupils and staff.


If your child is unwell and unable to attend school, please phone the school's absence line before 8.50am to report the absence.  Ongoing absence should be reported daily unless it is a long term sickness absence in which case parents and carers should arrange with the school office when they will next phone to update school on progress towards returning to school.


Family holidays should be taken during the thirteen weeks school holiday that children have; holidays should not be taken during term time. 


Dental and doctor appointments should be made outside of the school day.  Hospital appointments should be evidence with an appointment letter/card shown to the school office in advance of the appointment.  Parents and carers should give notice of any hospital appointments; it is not acceptable to arrive to collect children with no notice.


Good attendance for individuals and year groups is celebrated and rewarded in school.


Should you need to take your child out of school in exceptional circumstances such as a funeral or close family wedding, leave should be requested by submitting the the 'Application for Leave of Absence' form to the headteacher.  Similarly, this form can be used to request leave for music exams, for example.