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Dinners KS2 Parents New Menu 2016

17th March 2016


NEW Dinner Menu and order form attached

(Order forms to be returned by 23rd March 2016 Please COMPLETE the choices for the 3 week menu)



Dear Parents & Carers




Our catering company ISS have issued a menu which will run until October 2016 (Dates for Week 1, 2 & 3 are clearly shown on the menu).


Any arrangements regarding School Dinners or packed lunches will continue until you notify the School Office of changes to your child’s requirements.  One week’s notice is required for changes.  The preferred method of notification is by email to


  • Failure to notify the School Office if your child is changing from hot dinners to packed lunch will result in a lunch being cooked for your child AND you being charged for meals not taken.


  • Failure to notify the School Office if your child is changing from packed lunch to hot dinners may result in your child not having a lunch cooked for them.


Payment Information

We do request that payment be sent in with the order (those parents who pay weekly may still do so if they wish – and payment is therefore to be sent in on the first day of each week).


£2.10 per meal                 £10.50 per week           


Where possible, cheques are preferred as a method of payment and are to be made payable to St Aelred’s.


However, if paying by cash please send the correct monies in a namedsealed envelope.  Change cannot be given but overpayments will be credited to your child’s school meal account and carried forward.


Free School Meals

Children who receive Free School Meals will automatically be allocated the ‘menu option’ of hot dinner (HD). However, if they would like the alternative ‘jacket potato option’ (JP) on a particular day, please complete the order form and return it to School as soon as possible.


If your child is entitled to Free School Meals but they wish to bring a packed lunch can you please return the form marked “Packed Lunch” where/if necessary.


If you are experiencing difficulties paying for meals and you think that you may be entitled to Free School Meals, please contact the Education Access Team on 554244. Information and a downloadable form are also available, or from the School Office. Please be assured that all claims are treated in the strictest confidence and children in receipt of Free School Meals follow the same queuing procedure and receive the same meals as pupils whose meals are paid for.


Can we also remind parents who use the School Meal Service that we require prompt payment at the beginning of each week for all meals to be taken that week. Alternatively, dinner money can be paid half termly or termly in advance. Please send the correct money to pay for dinners as NO CHANGE will be given. Any additional monies received will be carried forward as credit.  Below is a reminder of the charges for dinner money:


£2.10 per day x 5 days = £10.50


Please complete the attached forms and return them to School by Wednesday 23rd March 2016.


Yours sincerely


Derek Sutherland