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Ethos and values


Central to all aspects of school life are the following values:

Respect: that we will accept each of our children lovingly, without any prejudice or discrimination, so that we may care for each one of them selflessly.

Openness, honesty and trust: that everyone will be clear about all that we do and say and everyone will know that we will stand by it.

Justice and forgiveness: that we will treat each person fairly and always reconcile differences when things go wrong.

Pride: that we will encourage every member of our community to be proud of our school and that the school will also be proud of them.

High expectations: that every adult and child will strive to work to the best of their ability in everything they do.


Our vision is that

  • We will provide a safe, secure environment where each individual, child and adult alike, can work contentedly to achieve all that they set out to do
  • Learning will be an entitlement for all pupils.
  • We will strive to work together to the highest possible standards: Effective learning and teaching will be provided to secure achievement, progress and successes for each child.
  • We will work to ensure excellence and enjoyment for all pupils through the provision of a broad, balanced, enriched and challenging curriculum that meets the personalised needs of all children and prepares them to play a full part as active, responsible citizens.
  • We will actively promote innovation and best practice: Clear responsibilities, shared values and agreed priorities will underpin our aspirations for continuous school improvement and the raising of standards.
  • We will work in partnership with parents, carers and the community: The views of pupils, parents/carers, staff and governors will be actively sought and taken into account.
  • We will make use of available resources efficiently and effectively to promote and develop the school’s ethos and curriculum. Only the highest standards of provision, in every aspect of our work together, will be expected and we will set the highest possible targets for each of our children.


Our Mission Statement

  • To provide a safe, secure learning environment, where each of our children is loved, cared for and respected.
  • To develop within each child, a deepening love of God and a respect for each other and the world we live in.
  • To help children celebrate daily, through their lives at home, in school and in the parish community, the Christian Gospel values of love and freedom.
  • To provide a broad, balanced, enriching and challenging curriculum, so that each child is enabled to attain his/her own full potential.


In order to effectively implement our vision, values and mission statement, whilst also providing a curriculum that meets with the 2014 National Curriculum statutory requirements, the Inspire Curriculum, published by Cornwall Learning, will be implemented from Year One to Year Six, from September 2014.


The Inspire Curriculum Philosophy

We believe the primary school should be a safe and wonderful place where children want to be: where learning happens both within and outside of the classroom. Children will be encouraged to enjoy life whilst at school and discover their fascinations.

Whatever their background they will learn how to shape their own futures and develop their unique capacities and skills rooted in their own interests. They will learn the literacy and numeracy skills needed for life and necessary to progress in their education. They will be encouraged to be curious and use thinking skills to innovate, be creative and problem solve. They will develop their first understandings of employment and entrepreneurship.

A primary education should set up learners for life, with the knowledge and skills to be well rounded individuals, mentally and physically healthy, with an appreciation for and a generosity toward the people, the world and the universe around them.