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EYFS (Reception and Nursery)

Our Nursery children love playing in our special outdoor space!

Reception Class doing the Counting Backwards song!Children first enter our Foundation Stage as part-timers when they are just over 3 years old. In the year that they are 5 years old they become full-timers by which time they will have spent 4 or 5 terms with us.

We have a spacious suite of 3 big classrooms and a large outdoor play space. The unit also has its own toilet facilities and a small kitchen.

Mrs Klays is our Foundation Stage Leader, having oversight of Reception and Nursery.  She and Mrs Mackenzie teach in Reception Class and Mrs Bartram runs Nursery.  In Early Years, our teaching assistants are key to supporting the children's development and wellbeing: Ms Rhodes, Mrs Cawood, Mrs Ireland and Mrs Curry.