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Mrs Feehan:"Teacher of the Year"

WINNER: Debbie Feehan 

Runners-up: Tony Teasdale, Janet Taylor and Janet Pringle, Christopher O’Malley 

THE Community Pride judges said they have never seen so many worthy entries for this award – and this year they found it almost impossible to pick a winner. 

Nominated as a pair, Janet Taylor and Janet Pringle of Poppleton Ousebank school have stuck together since childhood and received a glowing nomination from their former headteacher. 

Christopher O’Malley of Burton Green Primary School and Tony Teasdale of All Saints School impressed the judges with the difference they have made to their pupils, and their schools. 

In fact, the judges said that all five nominees would be worthy winners, but it was Debbie Feehan with her love of music and her enthusiasm in sharing it who impressed them the most. 

Debbie said: "When I was at school we did a lot of music and I got so much out of it I wanted to do the same for my children. 

"It feels weird to be receiving award for doing something I love so much." 

Debbie paid tribute to the parents who make her music groups possible. 

"People always talk about the children, but I want to thank the parents as well. They are the ones who bring the children where I ask them to come, and they never complain."

Debbie pledged to take the award into school to share with the choir she set up and runs, and said hearing the children sing together and seeing them enjoy music is a reward in itself.