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'Out of this World' Poetry competition

Our entries into the 'Out of this World' Poetry competition being run by Young Writers. Well done!


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Freya Cooke


Year 3

Age 8





Saturn spins around and around

Perfect place to be found

And if you jump up and up you will stay.

Centuries away aliens lay.

Envelopes will stay with ‘xxx Miss you!’



Lucy Hargreaves



A Space Dream


I’d like to go to space,

I really, really would,

I think about it all day long,

When I’m chopping wood.


I’m not going to be a singer,

Or a famous swimmer,

Not like Mrs Feehan, who taught my class this year,

No I’m going to be an astronaut.


I’d whirl and twirl on Saturn,

And on Uranus too,

To bounce on Jupiter,

And pounce on aliens from Neptune.


I’d sunbathe on Mercury,

And watch volcanoes explode on Mars

I’d search for water on Venus,

Whilst eating Cadbury chocolate bars. 


Shanae Drake

Year 3 Age 7




Space is lonely place that will never end.

Probably a world full of ice and dust.

A world full of stars and planets with meteors floating.


Course it will be dark and no one will hear you scream …

Everyone with their nice cocoa and you in a lonely world.