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Opening times

Times of the School Day



Start of the school day

11.45 - 1.00pm

Getting ready for lunch and lunchtime


Afternoon session begins


End of school day


Year 1 – Year 6


Start of the school day


Morning Break

12 noon-1.00pm



Afternoon session begins


Break  (KS1 only)


End of school day


School morning session begins at 8.45am for Reception and 8.50am for the rest of the school.  It is extremely important that children arrive on time for school.  If for any unforeseen reason a child is late, parents should report to the school office with their child on arrival at school.


Reception pupils are taken to the Reception/Nursery Entrance at the front of the school where they are met by staff.  Pupils from Y1 upwards are taken to the playground.  The bell rings at 8.50am and puils in Y1 go straight into class; pupils in Y2 – Y6 line up and are led into school by their teachers.

The playground is supervised from 8.40am but neither the governors nor the teaching staff can be responsible for the children before that time.  If the weather is very wet, pupils will be allowed into school from 8.40am.


Break Times

It is school policy for the children to be outside during these times, whenever possible.  A coat is required at all times, in case of adverse weather conditions. 


Care at Lunchtimes

During lunchtime, children are looked after by our Midday Supervisor Assistants (some of whom are also Teaching Assistants).  We expect children to respond to these adults as they would a teacher.  It is important that parents communicate this to their children, as well as the necessity for good table manners and sensible behaviour during the lunchtime break. 


Home Time

Parents and carers should wait by the gate near near the Nursery/Reception entrance.  Parents and carers will be able to collect their children from the door.


Pupils in Year 1 are collected from outside the Year 1 classroom. Pupils in Y2 – Y6 are collected from the playground.  Teachers bring down their class and will allow the children to leave when the adult who is collecting is seen in the playground. Children are not allowed to leave the playground without an adult unless they have written permission for walking home (Year 5/6 only).


If parents/carers are late in arriving to collect pupils, teachers bring children back into the school entrance to wait safely under the supervision of a staff member.  School will try to contact parents/carers to find out the reason for the delay and check that someone is coming to pick the child up.  In the case of persistent lateness, teachers will raise the matter with parents/carers.  If the lateness continues, the matter will be passed onto the Deputy or Headteacher.