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Prayer Life

Collective Worship Monday 1 March 2021

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Collective Worship 22 February 2021

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Children's Mental Health Week

This week - 1 - 7 February 2021 - is Children's Mental Health week.  The theme is Express Yourself and children are encouraged to find creative ways to express themselves; their personalities, their thoughts and ideas, and what is important to them.  Finding healthy ways to express our feelings is particularly important at this time.  Please follow the link below to collective worship on this theme.  On Friday, whether at home or in school, pupils can dress up in as creative a way as they choose, to express themselves; please send us any pictures from home via Tapestry or Google Classroom!

Collective Worship 25 January 2021

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Collective Worship Monday 18 January 2021

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St Aelred's Day worship - during lockdown 12 Jan 20201

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Prayer in School


St. Aelred’s is a Catholic school and prayer is an important and valued part of our school life. It brings us together as a community and helps us to grow closer to God.  We create opportunities for personal as well as for communal prayer. Each classroom has a prayer space which can be a focus for individual or group prayer.

Children are taught some of the rich heritage of traditional prayers, but are also encouraged to recognise that prayer is about a personal relationship with God. When sharing traditional prayers with children, we reflect upon the words used and explore the meaning of them in a variety of ways. Prayer comes in many forms, for example it can be contemplative; can be sung; can come through movement or using our hands (such as the Five-Finger prayer promoted by St Francis; can be a prayer walk or an artistic response etc.

Prayer reflects the essence of our lives: joy and sorrow, a sense of belonging, a feeling of loneliness, celebration and peace, anger and upset. It can emerge from our personal lives, the world around us, the life of the community, the seasons of the Church's year or the wide range of learning contexts in school.  It may, for example, appropriately draw together with the children’s reflections during Relationships Education, or work on Our Common Home, for example.

Children have collective worship each day and prayer throughout the day, for example before meals and at the end of the day.