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Religious Education

Religious Education contributes to the broader curriculum by recognising the uniqueness of each individual child, thus enabling the child to realise his or her full potential.  Religious Education is regarded as the heart of the curriculum, enriching and informing all areas of learning with the light of the Gospel.



  • To create a caring environment in which all who work and learn here are loved, feel secure, confident and valued.
  • To promote knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and life.
  • To develop the skills required to increase knowledge and understanding and to engage in religious thinking to help pupils to integrate all life’s experience and all learning into an ever deepening faith in Jesus Christ.
  • To help each child discover the answers to the basic questions about human existence.
  • To help our children towards an understanding and appreciation of other religious traditions in ways appropriate to their own development and relevant to the topic under consideration.
  • To recognise, affirm and celebrate the gifts and talents of everyone.



  • To deliver a broad, balanced and enriched Religious Education (RE) curriculum, in accordance with the RE Curriculum Directory of England and Wales, taking into account the religious and educational needs of all our children.
  • To create opportunities for thought, prayer, for stillness and silence.
  • To provide children with the language of religious experience
  • To develop awareness and appreciation of Catholic belief.


In order to meet the aforementioned aims and objectives:

The school follows the ‘Come and See’ syllabus as directed by Middlesbrough Diocese. The syllabus incorporates attainment targets: Learning about the Catholic Faith (AT1) and Learning from the Catholic Faith (AT2). These are set out in the form of specific key learning objectives for each module. Teachers also use other suitable resources to support teaching and learning in RE, such as Nurturing Human Wholeness, (Statements to Live By), CAFOD resources, Picturing Christianity, RE Today resources and ideas.  The school subscribes to NATRE to support teachers' subject knowledge and development and to inspire teaching and learning..